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Organization Structure
Division of Energy Saving Technology
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  Division of energy saving technology takes the advantages of the first level discipline of power engineering and engineering thermal-physics, as well as Priority Academic Program Development of Jiangsu Higher Education Institutions, mainly focusing on the R&D of international advanced energy saving technologies. The division is headed by a scholar of National thousand talents program, and consists of doctors and professors from famous universities home and abroad. There are substantial collaborations with large and medium-sized enterprises in energy fields, as well as collaborations with local governments to build the national energy conservation demonstration bases.

Major research directions
   R&D on new energy-saving materials for building
   Development and application of energy-saving combustion technologies for boilers in power plants
   Frequency conversion energy-saving technologies for the water pump of wind power plants
   R&D on energy-saving technologies for seawater desalination
   Application of new nano materials on heat transfers
   Researches on energy-saving technologies for central air-conditioning systems
   Application researches on power generation by waste heat form cement plants
   Researches on the utilization of waste heat from steel plants
   Researches on high efficient compound phase-change heat transfer technologies
   Researches on thermoelectric materials and devises

Division of energy saving technology has being in collaboration with a number of enterprises and universities, such as Wuhan University, Shanghai electric Fuji Electrical Technology Co. Ltd., Siemens energy company, and Hubei Hetai Bio Energy Co. Ltd. Recently, more than 30 patents have been authorized, and the industrialization of these energy-saving achievements and technologies has been extensively carried out.

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