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Zhixia HE
Date:2017-12-29   View:

Zhixia HE Professor
Tel: +86-88788309
Add. : Room 1509, Institute for Energy Research,Jiangsu University
Resarch Interests:Spray and Combustion, Cavitating Two-phase Flow, Thermal Fluid Theory in Uitilization of Energy

Ph.D., 2004 PowerMachinery and Engineering, Jiangsu University, China
M.S., 2001  Fluid Machinery and Engineering, Jiangsu University, China
B.S.,1998  Fluid Machinery and Engineering, Gansu University of Science and Technology, China

Professional experience
2013- present : Professor, Dotor’s supervisor, Jiangsu University, China
2007-2013: Associate Professor , Jiangsu University, China
2001-2007: Assistant and Lecturer,  Jiangsu University, China
2007-2008: Post-doctoral Research, Karlsruhe University, Germany
2012: Visiting Scholar, University of Illinois at Chicago, USA
2016-2017: Visiting Scholar, Argonne National Laboratory, USA

Research Interests
Spray and Turbulent Combustion in Diesel Engines
Numerical Simulation and Visual Experiment of Cavitating Two-phase Flow in Injectors
Theory and Technology of Thermal Fluid in Uitilization of Energy

Courses Taught
Undergraduate Courses: Combustion Science, Combustion Technology and Equipment,
Numerical Simulation in Engineering Thermophysics
Master Course: Cavitation and Bubble Dynamics

2018-2021,Thermal and Instantaneous Cavitation Structures in Diesel Multi-hole Nozzles under High Injection Pressure and Link to Erosion Damage,National Natural Science Foundation of China(51776088)
2016-2019,Instantaneous Cavitation Characteristics in micro-size nozzle hole under super-high pressure of diesel engines, Natural Science Foundation of Jiangsu Province(BK20161349)
2012-2015,Spray Atomization Mechanism induced by Cavitating and Turbulent Flow in Diesel Engines and Spray Models,National Natural Science Foundation of China(51176066)
2014-2016, Key Technology of Direct Injection Combustion System of Marine Engine Fueled with Pilot-ignited Directly-injected Natural Gas, Six Talent Peaks Project of Jiangsu Province (2013-JNHB-017)
2009-2011,Study of Coupling of the Cavitating Flow and the Spray Formation of Common-Rail Diesel Engine. National Natural Science Foundation of China (50806030);
2009-2011,Study of Mechanism of the Cavitation-Induced-Spray During the High Pressure Injection Process. Postdoctoral Science Foundation of China, (20090451170)
2009-2011,Study of biomass and coal for coal, gas, oil & heat joint production system based on fluidized bed technology. Natural Science Foundation of Jiangsu Province,

Selected Papers in Recent Five Years
[1].Zhixia He, Qian Wang, Jianping Yuan.《Numerical Method of Thermal Fluid and Applications》, Beijing, China Machine Press, 2014, in Chinese
[2].Zhixia He, Qian Wang, Jianping Yuan.《Fundamentals of Numerical Thermophysics Process and CFD Software Applications》, Zhenjiang, Jiangsu University Press, 2009, in Chinese
[3].Changhao Ji, Zhixia He* , Qian Wang, Guisheng Xu, Shuang Wang, Zhixiang Xu, engsong Ji. Effect of operating conditions on direct liquefaction of low-lipidmicroalgae in ethanol-water co-solvent for bio-oil production, Energy Conversion and Management, 2017, 141: 155-162  IF=5.589
[4].Bo Zhang, Huan Feng, Zhixia He*, Shuang Wang, Haitao Chen,Bio-oil production from hydrothermal liquefaction of ultrasonic pre-treated Spirulina platensis,Energy Conversion and Management , 2018, 159: 204-212  IF=5.589
[5].Wenjun Zhong, Tiemin Xuan, Zhixia He*, Qian Wang, Da Li, Xin Zhang, Huang Yue Yin. Experimental study of combustion and emission characteristics of diesel engine with diesel/second-generation biodiesel blending fuels, Energy Conversion and Management , 2016, 121: 241-250  IF=5.589
[6].Qian Wang, Di Zhang, Jin Bai, Zhixia He*, Numerical simulation of catalysis combustion inside micro free-piston engine, Energy Conversion and Management ,2016, 113: 243–251  IF=5.589
[7].Tiemin Xuan, Jiawei Cao, Zhixia He*, Qian Wang*, Wenjun Zhong,Xianyin Leng, Da Li, weiwei Shang. A study of soot quantification in diesel flame with hydrogenated catalytic biodiesel in a constant volume combustion chamber, Energy, 2018,145: 691-699  IF=4.520
[8].Huan Feng, Bo Zhang, Zhixia He*, Shuang Wang, Osman Salih, Qian Wang. Study on Co-Liquefaction of Spirulina and Spartina alterniflora in Ethanol-Water CoSolvent for Bio-oil,Energy,2018,146: 781-789  IF=4.520
[9].Wenjun Zhong, P. Tamilselvan, Qian Wang, Zhixia He*, Huan Feng, Xiong Yu. Experimental study of spray characteristics of diesel/hydrogenated catalytic biodiesel blended fuels under inert and reacting conditions,Energy,2018,153: 349-358  IF=4.520
[10].Da Li, Zhixia He*, Tiemin Xuan, Wenjun Zhong, Jiawei Cao, Qian Wang, Ping Wang. Simultaneous capture of liquid length of spray and flame lift-off length for second-generation biodiesel/diesel blended fuel in a constant volume combustion chamber. Fuel, 2017,189: 260–269  IF=4.601
[11].Xianyin Leng, Yu Jin, Zhixia He*, Wuqiang Long, Keiya Nishida,Numerical study of the internal flow and initial mixing of diesel injector nozzles with V-type intersecting holes,Fuel , 2017 (197) 31–41  IF=4.601
[12].Zhixia He*, GenmiaoGuo, Xicheng Tao, WenjunZhong, XianyingLeng, QianWang. Study of the effect of nozzle hole shape on internal flow and spray characteristics, International Communications in Heat and Mass Transfer ,2016,71: 1–8,  IF=3.718
[13].Zhixia He*, Yuhang Chen, Xianyin Leng, Qian Wang, Genmiao Guo. Experimental visualization and LES investigations on cloud cavitation shedding in a rectangular nozzle orifice, International Communications in Heat and Mass Transfer , 2016,76: 108-116, IF=3.718
[14].Zhixia He*, Zhengyang Zhang, Genmiao Guo, QianWang, Xianying Leng, Shenxin Sun.Visual experiment of transient cavitating flow characteristics in the real-size diesel injector nozzle, International Communications in Heat and Mass Transfer , 2016,78: 13-20, IF=3.718
[15].Zhixia He*, Xicheng Tao,Wenjun Zhong, Xianyin Leng, Qian Wang, Peng Zhao. Experimental and numerical study of cavitation inception phenomenonin diesel injector nozzles, International Communications in Heat and Mass Transfer, 2015,65:117-124  IF=3.718
[16].Zhixia He*, Wenjun Zhong, Qian Wang, Zhaochen Jiang, Yanan Fu. An investigation of transient nature of the cavitating flow in injector nozzles, Applied Thermal Engineering, Applied Thermal Engineering, 2013,54: 56-64  IF=3.444
[17].Zhixia He*, Wenjun Zhong, Qian Wang , Zhaochen Jiang, Zhuang Shao. Effect of Nozzle Geometrical and Dynamic Factors on Cavitating and Turbulent Flow in a Multihole Injector Nozzle. International Journal of Thermal Sciences, 2013, 70:132-143  IF=3.615
[18].Liang Zhang, Zhixia He*,Wei Guan, Qian Wang, Sibendu Som. Simulations on the cavitating flow and corresponding risk of erosion in diesel injector nozzles with double array holes, International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer. 2018,113:118–127   IF=3.458
[19].Genmiao Guo, Zhixia He*, Yuhang Chen, Qian Wang, Xianyin Leng, Shenxin Sun. LES investigations on effects of the residual bubble on the single hole diesel injector jet. International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer.2017 ,112: 18–27 IF=3.458  
[20].Zhixia He*, Zhuang Shao, Qian Wang, Wenjun Zhong, Xicheng Tao. Experimental study of cavitating flow inside vertical multi-hole nozzles with different length-diameter ratios using diesel and biodiesel, Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science,2015, 60:252-262  IF=2.830
[21].Xin Zhang, Zhixia He*, Qian Wang, Xicheng Tao, Zhen Zhou, Xinglan Xia, Wenquan Zhang. Effect of fuel temperature on cavitation flow inside vertical multi-hole nozzles and spray characteristics with different nozzle geometries. Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science, 91 (2018) 374–387  IF=2.830

National invention patents
20 patents were granted.

2017, Production of Second Generation Biodiesel and It’s Applications in Engines,The Second Prize for Advancement in Science & Technology, Awarded by State Bureau of Machine-Building Industry, Rank 1st
2015, Key technology of combustion system for high-efficiency and low-emission marin diesel engines, First Prize for Industry-University-Research Collaboration, Awarded by Zhenjiang science and technology bureau, Rank 2nd
2016, Jiangsu provincial 333 Talent Cultivation Project
2013, Six talent peaks funding object of Jiangsu Province
2012, The Second Prize for Advancement in Science & Technology, Awarded by State Bureau of Machine-Building Industry,  Rank 2nd
2012, The Second Prize for Advancement in Science & Technology, Awarded by Department of Science and Technology in Jiangsu province,  Rank 1st
2011, The Second Prize for Advancement in Science & Technology, Awarded by Ministry of Education, Rank 5th
2009, The Second Prize for Advancement in Science & Technology, Awarded by State Bureau of Machine-Building Industry ,Rank 6th
2009, The Second Prize for Advancement in Science & Technology, Awarded by Department of Science and Technology in Jiangsu province, Rank 6th


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