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Jiabiao LIAN
Date:2017-12-24   View:

  Jiabiao LIAN Professor
  Tel: +86-18679307678
  Add.: Institute for Energy Research, Jiangsu University
  Resarch Interests:Inorganic Nanomaterials, Energy Storage, Visible-Light Photocatalysis

  Ph.D., 2013 Materials Science and Engineering, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR, China
  M.S., 2010 Materials Physics and Chemistry, Nankai University, China
  B.S., 2007 Chemistry, Qingdao University of Science and Technology, China

  Professional experience
  2016– Present, Professor, Jiangsu University, China
  2015.03–2016.02, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
  2014.12–2015.03, Research Engineer, Nano and Advanced Materials Institute Limited, Hong Kong SAR
  2013.09–2014.09, Postdoctoral Research Associate, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR

  Research Interests
  Inorganic Nanomaterials
  Energy Storage
  Visible-Light Photocatalysis

  2013.01–2015.12, The Studies on the n-ZnO/i-ZnS Radial Heterostructure Nnaowire Arrays Based Visible-Blind UV Photodetectors. National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC61204016);
  2010.01–2012.12, Novel Synthetic Route of Chalcogenide Semiconductor Nanomaterials. National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC20971070);
  2010.08–2013.08, Direct Grant for Research from the Faculty of Science, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (Project code: 2060415 and 2060439).

  Selected Papers
  Google Scholar:
  [1] Shengyuan Li, Ting Wang, Wangqin Zhu, Jiabiao Lian*, Yunpeng Huang, Yang-Yang Yu,  Jingxia Qiu, Yan Zhao, Yang-Chun Yong*, Huaming Li. Controllable synthesis of uniform mesoporous H-Nb2O5/rGO nanocomposites for advanced lithium ion hybrid supercapacitors. Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 2019, 7, 693–703.
  [2] Shengyuan Li, Ting Wang, Yunpeng Huang, Zengxi Wei, Guochun Li, Dickon H. L. Ng, Jiabiao Lian*, Jingxia Qiu, Yan Zhao, Xiaoyan Zhang, Jianmin Ma*, Huaming Li. Porous Nb4N5/rGO nanocomposite for ultrahigh-energy-density lithium-ion hybrid capacitor. ACS Appied Materials & Interfaces, 2019, 11, 24114–24121.
  [3] Sherif A. El-Khodary, Abd El-Fatah Abomohra, Gaber M. El-Enany, Ahmed A. Aboalhassan, Dickon H. L. Ng, Shuang Wang*, Jiabiao Lian*. Sonochemical assisted fabrication of 3D hierarchical porous carbon for high-performance symmetric supercapacitor. Ultrasonics Sonochemistry, 2019, 58, 104617.
  [4] Shengyuan Li, Ting Wang, Jiabiao Lian*, Yan Zhao, Yunpeng Huang, Jingxia Qiu, Hui Xu, Xiaoyan Zhang, Huaming Li*. Pseudocapacitive performance of binder-free nanostructured TT-Nb2O5/FTO electrode in aqueous electrolyte. Nanotechnology, 2019, 30, 025401.
  [5] Yao Liang, Yingying Wang, Jianan Wang, Sumei Wu, Dayong Jiang, Jiabiao Lian*. High-performance flexible photodetectors based on single-crystalline Sb2Se3 nanowires. RSC Advances, 2016, 6, 11501–11506.
  [6] Ting Wang, Shuang Zhou, Caihong Zhang, Jiabiao Lian*, Yao Liang, Wenxiang Yuan. Facile synthesis of hematite nanoparticles and nanocubes and their shape-dependent optical properties. New Journal of Chemistry, 2014, 38, 46–49.
  [7] Jiabiao Lian, Xiaochuan Duan, Jianmin Ma, Peng Peng, Tongil Kim, Wenjun Zheng. Hematite (α-Fe2O3) with various morphologies: ionic liquid-assisted synthesis, formation mechanism, and properties. ACS Nano, 2009, 3 (11), 3749–3761. (ESI highly cited paper; Citations: 388)
  [8] Jiabiao Lian, Caihong Zhang, Qian Li, Dickon H. L. Ng. Mesoporous (ZnO)x(MgO)1−x nanoplates: template-free solvothermal synthesis, optical properties, and their applications in water treatment. Nanoscale, 2013, 5, 11672–11678.
  [9] Jiabiao Lian, Jianmin Ma, Xiaochuan Duan, Tongil Kim, Haobo Li, Wenjun Zheng. One-step ionothermal synthesis of γ-Al2O3 mesoporous nanoflakes at low temperature. Chem. Commun., 2010, 46, 2650–2652.
  [10] Jiabiao Lian, Tongil Kim, Xiaodi Liu, Jianmin Ma, Wenjun Zheng. Ionothermal synthesis of turbostratic boron nitride nanoflakes at low temperature. J. Phys. Chem. C, 2009, 113, 9135–9140.
  [11] Jiabiao Lian, Caihong Zhang, Ping Wang, Dickon H. L. Ng. Template-free hydrothermal synthesis of mesoporous MgO nanostructures and their applications in water treatment.  Chem. Asian J., 2012, 7, 2650–2655.
  [12] Jiabiao Lian, Zhimin Ding, Fung-luen Kwong, Dickon H. L. Ng. Template-free hydrothermal synthesis of hexagonal ZnO micro-cups and micro-rings assembled by nanoparticles. CrystEngComm, 2011, 13, 4820–4822.
  [13] Jiabiao Lian, Yao Liang, Fung-luen Kwong, Zhimin Ding, Dickon H. L. Ng. Template-free solvothermal synthesis of ZnO nanoparticles with controllable size and their size-dependent optical properties. Mater. Lett., 2012, 66, 318–320.
  [14]  Tongil Kim, Jiabiao Lian, Jianmin Ma, Xiaochuan Duan, Wenjun Zheng. Morphology controllable synthesis of γ-alumina nanostructures via an ionic liquid-assisted hydrothermal route. Cryst. Growth Des., 2010, 10 (7), 2928–2933.
  [15]  Xiaochuan Duan, Jiabiao Lian, Jianmin Ma, Tongil Kim, Wenjun Zheng. Shape-controlled synthesis of metal carbonate nanostructure via ionic liquid-assisted hydrothermal route: the case of manganese carbonate. Cryst. Growth Des., 2010, 10 (10), 4449–4455.
  [16]  Jianmin Ma, Jiabiao Lian, Xiaochuan Duan, Xiaodi Liu, Wenjun Zheng. α-Fe2O3: hydrothermal synthesis, magnetic and electrochemical properties. J. Phys. Chem. C, 2010, 114, 10671–10676.
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  [18]  Liyan Wu, Jiabiao Lian, Guixiang Sun, Xiangrong Kong, Wenjun Zheng. Synthesis of zinc hydroxyfluoride nanofibers through an ionic liquid assisted microwave irradiation method. Eur. J. Inorg. Chem., 2009, 2897–2900.
  [19]  Caihong Zhang, Jiabiao Lian, Dickon H. L. Ng. Magnetic properties of Al-doped B4C and SiC ceramics. J. Am. Ceram. Soc., 2013, 96, 3494–3499.
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  [21]  Xiaochuan Duan, Jianmin Ma, Jiabiao Lian, Tongil Kim, Wenjun Zheng. A novel surfactant-free route to MnCO3 steep rhombohedra crystals and their large-scale assembly into regular elongated patterns in a mixed solvent. Chem. Commun., 2010, 46, 7133–7135.
  [22]  Jianmin Ma, Xiaochuan Duan, Jiabiao Lian, Tongil Kim, Peng Peng, Xiaodi Liu, Zhifang Liu, Haobo Li, Wenjun Zheng. Sb2S3 with various nanostructures: controllable synthesis, formation mechanism, and electrochemical performance toward lithium storage. Chem. Eur. J., 2010, 16, 13210–13217.
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  [27]  Jianmin Ma, Taihong Wang, Xiaochuan Duan, Jiabiao Lian, Zhifang Liu, Wenjun Zheng. Ionothermal synthesis of aggregated α-Fe2O3 nanoplates and their magnetic properties. Nanoscale, 2011, 3, 4372–4375.  Patent
  Wenjun Zheng and Jiabiao Lian. Method for Preparing Mesoporous Gamma-Al2O3 Nanomaterials by One-Step Process. (2013) CN 201310185955

  The International Conference on Energy and Environment-Related Nanotechnology (ICEEN), Beijing, China, 2012, Oral Presentation
North American Solid State Chemistry Conference (NASSC), McMaster University, Canada, 2011, Oral Presentation

  2010–2013, Hong Kong PhD Fellowship, Research Grants Council of Hong Kong
  2010, Excellent Master Degree Theses, Nankai University
  2010, Excellent Graduate, Nankai University
  2009, Excellent Postgraduates Scholarship, Second Prize, Nankai University

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