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Xuesheng YAN
Date:2017-12-21   View:

  Xuesheng YAN Associate Professor
  Add. : Institue for Energy Research , Jiangsu University
  Resarch Interests:the efficient use of energy, the application and popularization of energy saving technology, power plant boiler combustion energy-saving technologies and numerical simulation of wind power equipment

Born in April 1976, in September 1998, energy research institute, engineering thermal physics, PhD, associate professor, master tutor, a visiting scholar at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. During the period of school work, core journals published in energy and environmental disciplines 11 academic theses, the international conference on two papers, one by SCI, EI, included an article. In the research of national natural science fund, the provincial natural science foundation of China, a total of three, has completed the national natural science foundation of China, provincial and municipal science and technology project 6 items.

  Ph.D., 2007-2013  Engineering Thermophysics, Jinagsu University, P.R. China
  Master Degree., 2000-2003  Thermal Power Engineering, Jinagsu University, P.R. China
  Bachelor Degree,1994-1998  Thermal Power Engineering, Jinagsu University, P.R. China
  Visiting Scholar 2011-2012  R3C/NTU,Singapore

Professional experience
  2012: Associate Professor , Jiangsu University

Research Interests
  1.the efficient use of energy
  2.The application and popularization of energy saving technology
  3.Power plant boiler combustion energy-saving technologies
  4.Numerical simulation of wind power equipment

Courses Taught
  Boiler combustion technology and equipment, environmental equipment, heating engineering design, combustion pollution treatment 

  The high pressure common rail diesel engine cavity atomization mechanism of coupling research/national natural science foundation of China (youth)
  Diesel engine hole turbulence atomization mechanism and spray model for the first time research/national natural science foundation of China (surface)
  Unpowered natural villages of demonstrative project of sewage treatment research/environmental protection bureau of zhenjiang city
  Intermediate frequency/enterprise of metallurgical furnace flue gas dust removal mechanism
  The energy saving analysis and improvement of food factory/enterprise
The study of indoor formaldehyde pollution governance/technology bureau of zhenjiang city

Selected Papers
  [1] The degradation effect of different conditions in the presence RhB solu-tion with P25 TiO2 photocatalyst. Fresenius Environmental Bulletin.  Vol. 22; No. 4, 2013  (SCI)
  [2] Numerical Investigation of Two-Phase Cavitating Flow in a Nozzle with Wire Net. The 2010 International Congress on Computer Applications and Computational Science (CACS 2010) ,Singapore,2010.12
  [3] To study local fluidization soot particle layer filter boiler technology, 2008
  [4] Of dry dust removal system filter transformation of the clean coal technology, no. 4 in 2009
  [5] New filtration performance of granular layer 5, "journal of jiangsu university, 2009
  [6] The new particle layer filter performance study of the power plant systems engineering 2009, 6
  [7] New macroscopic mathematical model of particle layer filter performance "journal of environmental engineering, 2009, 12
  [8] Coal-fired boiler flue gas denitrification technology boiler technology, 2010.

Scientific research achievements
  [1] Diesel engine high-pressure jet two-phase flow characteristics in the process of research, appraisal of China machinery industry federation, 2011

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