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Qian XU
Date:2017-12-16   View:

     Qian XU Ph.D, Full Professor
  Add. : Energy Research Institue, Jiangsu University
  Research Interests: Direct methanol fuel cells; Vanadium redox flow batteries

  2008-2013  Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong, China
  2003-2006  M.S., Thermophysics Engineering, Jiangsu University, China
  1999-2003  B.Eng., Energy and Power Engineering, Jiangsu University, China

  Professional experience
    2021-present: Professor, Jiangsu University
    2014-2021: Associate Professor, Jiangsu University
  2013-2014: Visiting scholar, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
  2008-2013: Research and Teaching Assistant, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
  2008-2014: Lecturer, Jiangsu University
  2006-2008: Assistant and Lecturer, Jiangsu University

  2008-2012, Postgraduate studentship, Awarded by Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
  2006, The Outstanding Master’s Thesis Prize, Awarded by Jiangsu University

  Courses Taught
  Undergraduate Courses: Energy Conversion; Heat Transfer.

  ·2010-2013, RGC General Research Fund (623010), Integrated Microfluidic Systems for Direct Methanol Fuel Cells Operating with Neat Methanol, 4/8.
  ·2014-2016, National Natural Science Foundation of China (51306076), PI
  · 2014-2015, Jiangsu University Special Fund (1291130022), PI
Selected Papers
1. Qian Xu, Tianshou Zhao, Transport and electrochemical characteristics in flow batteries, Lambert Academic publishing, Germany, 2017.
2. Q. Xu, T.S. Zhao*, Fundamental Models for Flow Batteries, Progress in Energy and Combustion Science 49 (2015) 40-58. (SCI, IF: 29.394)
3. Qian Xu*, Feihu Zhang, Li Xu, Puiki Leung, Chunzhen Yang, Huaming Li. The Applications and Prospect of Fuel Cells in Medical Field: A review, Renewable and Sustainable Energy Review 67(2017) 574-580. (SCI, IF: 14.982)
4. Prabhuraj Balakrishnan, Fereshteh Dehghani Sanij, Puiki Leung, Huaneng Su, Qian Xu*, T.S. Zhao*. Analyses and Insights into 2D Crystallite Architected Membrane Electrode Assemblies for Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cells, Chemical Engineering Journal 417 (2021) 129280. (SCI, IF: 13.273)
5. Rong Cheng, Juncai Xu, Jiajia Zhang, Puiki Leung, Qiang Ma, Huaneng Su, Weiwei Yang*, QianXu*. Facile segmented graphite felt electrode for iron-vanadium redox flow batteries with deep eutectic solvent (DES) electrolyte, Journal of Power Sources 483 (2021) 229200. (SCI, IF: 9.127)
6. Qiang Ma, Lei Xing, Huaneng Su, Weiqi Zhang, Weiwei Yang, Qian Xu*. Numerical investigation on the dispersion effect in vanadium redox flow battery, Chemical Engineering Journal 393 (2020) 124753. (SCI, IF: 13.273)
7. Qiang Ma, Lijuan Zhao, Huaneng Su, Zhenqian Chen, Qian Xu*. Numerical study of mass transfer and desorption behaviors in deformable porous media using a coupling lattice Boltzmann model, Physical Review E 102 (2020) 023309. (SCI, IF: 2.529)
8. Jiajia Zhang, Puiki Leung, Fen Qiao, Lei Xing, Chunzhen Yang, Huaneng Su, Qian Xu*. Balancing the electron conduction and mass transfer: Effect of nickel foam thickness on the performance of an alkaline direct ethanol fuel cell with 3D porous anode, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 45 (2020) 19801-19812. (SCI, IF: 5.816)
9. Q. Xu*, L.Y. Qin, Y.N. Ji, P.K. Leung, F. Qiao, H.N. Su, W.W. Yang, H.M. Li. A deep eutectic solvent (DES) electrolyte-based vanadium-iron redox flow battery enabling higher specific capacity and improved thermal stability, Electrochimica Acta 293 (2019) 426-431. (SCI, IF: 6.901)
10. Q. Xu*, W.Q. Zhang, J. Zhao, L. Xing, Q. Ma, L. Xu, H.N. Su. Effect of air supply on the performance of an active direct methanol fuel cell (DMFC) fed with neat methanol, International Journal of Green Energy 15 (2018) 181-188. (SCI, IF: 2.459)
11. Q. Xu*, Y.N. Ji, L.Y. Qin, P.K. Leung, F. Qiao, Y.S. Li, H.N. Su. Evaluation of redox flow batteries goes beyond round-trip efficiency: A technical review, Journal of Energy Storage 16 (2018) 108-115. (SCI, IF: 6.598)
12. Qian Xu*, Liyu Qin, Huaneng Su, Li Xu, Puiki Leung, Chunzhen Yang, Huaming Li. Electrochemical and transport characteristics of V(II)/V(III) redox couple in a nonaqueous reline deep eutectic solvent: Temperature effect, Journal of Energy Engineering 143 (2017) 04017051:1-6. (SCI, IF: 2.044)
13. Q. Xu, T.S. Zhao*, P.K. Leung, Numerical investigations of flow field designs for vanadium redox flow batteries, Applied Energy 105 (2013) 47-56. (SCI, IF: 9.746)
14. C.Z. Yang, M. Zhou, Q. Xu*, Confining Pt Nanoparticles in Porous Carbon Structure for achieving Durable Electrochemical Performance, Nanoscale 6 (2014) 11863-11870.(SCI, IF: 7.791)

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