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Xianyin LENG
Date:2017-12-19   View:

  Xianyin LENG Associate Professor
  Tel: +86-15862938718
  Add. : Room XX, Energy Research Institue,Jiangsu University
  Resarch Interests:Spray, combustion, and emission control for internal combustion engines

  Ph.D., 2010 Power Machinery Engineering, Dalian University of Technology, China
  B.S., 2003 Energy and Power Engineering, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China

Professional experience
  2015-2016: Associate Professor, Jiangsu University
  2012-2015: Lecturer, Jiangsu University
  2010-2012: Post-doctoral, Dalian University of Technology

Research Interests
  Spray, combustion, and emission control for internal combustion engines

Courses Taught
  Undergraduate Courses: Thermal loads and Strength of Internal Combustion Engine; Conspectus of Energy and Power Engineering

  2013-2016, Natural Science Foundation of Jiangsu Province, BK20130514, Researches on the internal flow and spray mechanism of intersecting hole nozzles for diesel engine.

Selected Papers
  [1] X. Leng, L. Feng, J. Tian, B. Du,W. Long, H Tian. “A study of the mixture formation process for a third-generation conical spray applied in HCCI diesel combustion”. Fuel, doi:10.1016/j.fuel.2009.08.021. 2010, 89(2). (SCI)
  [2] X. Leng, K. Qi, W. Long, S. Wei. “Macro Characteristics of the Spray from Intersecting Hole Nozzles”. Applied Mechanics and Materials, doi:10.4028/www. 110-116.343.2012, 44: 343-349. (EI)
  [3] X. Leng, Y. Jin, Z. He, W. Zhong, S. Wei, W. Long. “Numerical study on internal flow characteristics of intersecting hole nozzles”. Transactions of CSICE, 33(2015): 522-529. (EI)
  [4] X. Leng, Q. Zhao, W. Long, J. Tian, A. Wang, B. Zhong, H. Wang. “Numerical simulation of combustion and emission characteristics of medium speed diesel engine under Miller cycle conditions”. Journal of Central South University (Science and Technology), 45(2014): 4407-4414. (EI) (in Chinese)
  [5] X. Leng, S. Wei , J. Tian, S. He, W. Long, H. Guo, X. Zhang, B. Zhong, H. Li. “The influence of charge temperature on the combustion and NOx emission of a medium speed diesel engine”. Journal of Harbin Engineering University, 35(2014): 1351-1357. (EI) (in Chinese)
  [6] X. Leng, W. Long, L. Feng, Q, Dong, X. Wang, Y. Yu, A. Wang. Numerical simulation research into effects of injection rates on performance and emissions of diesel engine. Journal of Dalian University of Technology. 51 (2011):180-187. (EI) (in Chinese)
  [7] X. Leng, W. Long. In-engine purification technologies for the NOx emissions of contemporary marine diesel engines. Diesel Engines. 31 (2009) 19-25. (in Chinese)
  [8] W. Long, X. Leng, Q, Dong, B. Du, X. Zhang, X. Yan, J Zhang, C. Xiao. Experimental study of NOx emission of marine diesel engines based on a novel fuel injection system. Journal of Dalian University of Technology. 51 (2011):781-787. (EI) (in Chinese)

  1.W. Long, X. Leng. China Patent, Engine with air supply devices. No. 2009103084154.
  2.W. Long, X. Leng, L. Feng, K. Sheng, J. Tian, S. Wei, K. Qi, H. Cui. China Patent, Injection strategy of internal combustion-air mixed power device. No. 200910012278X.
  3.W. Long, X. Leng, J. Tian, Q, Dong, S. Wei, K. Qi, L. Feng, B Du. China Patent, Internal-combustion engine alternating spray hole type nozzle with perturbing zone. No.200810012342X.

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