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Yan Zhao Associate Professor

Tel: +86-13862456110

Add.: Energy Research Institue, Jiangsu University

Resarch Interests: High-performance Energy Storage and Conversion Device, Film-based Photoelectronic Nanodevice, Photocatalystic/Electrocatalytic Materials


B.S., 2009 Chemistry, Qufu Normal University, China

M.S., 2012 Inorganic Chemistry, Tongji University, China

Ph.D., 2015 Material Science, Fudan University, China

Professional Experience

2018-2019: Visiting Research Fellow, Monash University, Australia

2019-present, Associate Professor, Master Supervisor, Jiangsu University

2015-2019, Assistant Professor, Master Supervisor, Jiangsu University

Research Interests

Energy Storage and Conversion Device.

Film-based Photoelectronic Nanodevice.

Photocatalystic/Electrocatalytic Materials


2016-2019, National Natural Science Foundation of China (51603092), Director

2016-2019, National Natural Science Foundation of Jiangsu (BK20160537), Director

2016-2018, Jiangsu University Scientific Research Funding (15JDG160), Director

Selected Papers


[1] Fengjian Lin, Ming Yuan, Yuan Chen, Yunpeng Huang, Jiabiao Lian, Jingxia Qiu, Hui Xu, Huaming Li, Shouqi Yuan, Yan Zhao*, Shunsheng Cao*, Advanced asymmetric supercapacitor based on molybdenum trioxide decorated nickel cobalt oxide nanosheets and three-dimensional α-FeOOH/rGO. Electrochim. Acta 320, 134580, 2019. (IF=5.383)

[2] Jia Yan, Sichao Wang, Yuan Chen, Ming Yuan, Yunpeng Huang, Jiabiao Lian, Jingxia Qiu, Jian Bao, Meng Xie, Hui Xu, Huaming Li, Yan Zhao*, Smart in situ construction of NiS/MoS2 composite nanosheets with ultrahigh specific capacity for high-performance asymmetric supercapacitor. J. Alloy. Compd. 811, 151915, 2019. (IF=4.175)

[3] Yan Zhao*, Yuan Chen, Qingqing Liu, Ming Yuan, Yunpeng Huang, Jiabiao Lian, Jian Bao, Jingxia Qiu, Hui Xu, Yuanguo Xu, Huaming Li*, Construction of cobaltous oxide/nickel-iron oxide electrodes with great cycle-stability and high energy density for advanced asymmetry supercapacitor. J. Mater. Sci.-Mater. El. 2019, accepted. (IF=2.192)


[1] Yan Zhao, Ming Yuan, Yuan Chen, Jia Yan, Le Xu, Yunpeng Huang, Jiabiao Lian, Jian Bao, Jingxia Qiu, Li Xu, Yuanguo Xu, Hui Xu, Huaming Li, Construction of molybdenum dioxide nanosheets coated on the surface of nickel ferrite nanocrystals with ultrahigh specific capacity for hybrid supercapacitor. Electrochim. Acta 260, 439-448, 2018. (IF=5.383)

[2] Kunlin Chen*, Weiwei Gou, Le Xu, Yan Zhao*, Low cost and facile preparation of robust multifunctional coatings with self-healing superhydrophobicity and high conductivity. Compos. Sci. Technol. 156, 177-185, 2018. (IF=6.309)

[3] Yan Zhao, Ming Yuan, Yuan Chen, Yunpeng Huang, Jiabiao Lian, Shunsheng Cao, Huaming Li, Limin Wu, Size controllable preparation of sphere-based monolayer CdS thin films for white-light photodetectors. Ceram. Int. 44, 2407–2412, 2018. (IF=3.45)

[4] Mingqing Hua, Le Xu, Fen Cui, Jiabiao Lian, Yunpeng Huang, Jian Bao, Jingxia Qiu, Yuanguo Xu, Hui Xu, Yan Zhao*, Huaming Li, Hexamethylenetetramine-assisted hydrothermal synthesis of octahedral nickel ferrite oxide nanocrystallines with excellent supercapacitive performance. J. Mater. Sci. 53, 7621–7636, 2018. (IF=3.442)

[5] Yan Zhao, Jia Yan, Yunpeng Huang, Jiabiao Lian, Jingxia Qiu, Jian Bao, Ming Cheng, Hui Xu, Huaming Li, Kunlin Chen, Interfacial self-assembly of monolayer Mg-doped NiO honeycomb structured thin film with enhanced performance for gas sensing. J. Mater. Sci.-Mater. El. 2018, 29, 11498–11508. (IF=2.192)


[1] Le Xu, Yan Zhao*, Jiabiao Lian, Yuanguo Xu, Jian Bao, Jingxia Qiu, Li Xu, Hui Xu, Mingqing Hua, Huaming Li, Morphology controlled preparation of ZnCo2O4 nanostructures for asymmetric supercapacitor with ultrahigh energy density. Energy 123, 296-304, 2017. (ESI Highly Cited paper, IF=5.537)

[2] Yan Zhao*, Le Xu, Jia Yan, Wei Yan, Changchun Wu, Jiabiao Lian, Yunpeng Huang, Jian Bao, Jingxia Qiu, Li Xu, Yuanguo Xu, Hui Xu, Huaming Li*, Facile preparation of NiFe2O4/MoS2 composite material with synergistic effect for high performance supercapacitor. J. Alloy. Compd. 726, 608-617, 2017. (IF=4.175)

[3] Yan Zhao, Le Xu, Shuquan Huang, Jian Bao, Jingxia Qiu, Jiabiao Lian, Li Xu, Yunpeng Huang, Yuanguo Xu*, Huaming Li*, Facile preparation of TiO2/C3N4 hybrid materials with enhanced capacitive properties for high performance supercapacitors. J. Alloy. Compd. 702, 178-185, 2017. (IF=4.175)

[4] Yan Zhao*, Yuanguo Xu, Jie Zeng, Biao Kong*, Xiwen Geng, Dongwei Li, Xiang Gao, Kang Liang, Le Xu, Jiabiao Lian, Shuquan Huang, Jingxia Qiu, Yunpeng Huang, Huaming Li, Low-crystalline mesoporous CoFe2O4/C composite with oxygen vacancies for high energy density asymmetric supercapacitors. RSC Adv., 7, 55513, 2017. (IF=3.049)

[5] Ying Zhang, Yan Zhao, Shunsheng Cao*, Zhengliang Yin, Li Cheng, Limin Wu*, Design and synthesis of hierarchical SiO2@C/TiO2 hollow spheres for high-performance supercapacitors. ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 9, 29982−29991, 2017. (IF=8.456)


[1] Yan Zhao, Linfeng Hu, Shuyan Zhao, Limin Wu*, Preparation of MnCo2O4@Ni(OH)2 Core-shell Flowers for Asymmetric Supercapacitor Materials with Ultrahigh Specific Capacitance. Adv. Funct. Mater. 26, 4085-4093, 2016. (Cover, ESI highly cited paper, hot paper, IF =15.621).

[2] Yan Zhao, Min Chen, Limin Wu*, Recent progress in hollow sphere-based electrodes for high-performance supercapacitors. Nanotechnology 27(34):342001, 2016. (Review) (IF=3.399).


[1] Yan Zhao, Linfeng Hu, Shangpeng Gao, Meiyong Liao, Liwen Sang, Limin Wu*, One-step Self-assembly Fabrication of High Quality NixMg1-xO Bowl-Shaped Array Film and Its Enhanced Photocurrent by Mg2+ Doping, Adv. Funct. Mater. 25, 2356-2363, 2015. (IF =15.621).


[1] Yan Zhao, Linfeng Hu, Hui Liu, Meiyong Liao, Xiaosheng Fang, Limin Wu*, Band gap tunable Zn2SnO4 nanocubes through thermal effect and their outstanding ultraviolet light photoresponse, Sci. Rep. 4, 6847-6854, 2014. (IF =4.011).


[1] Yan Zhao, Bing Yan*, Eu3+, Tb3+/β-diketonate functionalized mesoporous SBA-15/GaN composites: multi-component chemical bonding assembly, characterization, and luminescence. J. Colloid. Interf. Sci. 395, 145-153, 2013. (IF =6.361).


[1] Yan Zhao, Bing Yan*, Rare earth hybrid materials of organically modified silica covalently bonded to a GaN matrix: multicomponent assembly and multi-color luminescence. Dalton Trans. 41, 5334-5342, 2012. (IF =4.052).

[2] Yan Zhao, Bing Yan*, Photoluminescent properties of novel rare earth organic–inorganic nanocomposite with TiO2 modified silica via double crosslinking units. Photochem. Photobiol. 88, 21-31, 2012. (IF =2.338).


[1] Bing Yan*, Yan Zhao, Qiu-Ping Li, Europium hybrids/SiO2/semiconductor: multi-component sol–gel composition, characterization and photoluminescence. J. Photochem. Photobiol. A 222, 351-359, 2011. (IF =3.261).

[2] Bing Yan*, Yan Zhao, Ya-juan Li, Novel photofunctional multicomponent rare earth (Eu3+, Tb3+, Sm3+ and Dy3+) hybrids with double cross-linking siloxane covalently bonding SiO2⁄ZnS nanocomposite. Photochem. Photobiol. 87, 757-765, 2011. (IF =2.338).


[1] Zhao Yan, Yuan Shou-qi, Li Hua-ming, Xu Hui, Xu Yuan-guo, Bao Jian, A Kind of Hierarchical Structured Nanoflowers Film Preparation Method Based on Manganese Cobalt Spinel. The Chinese Invention Patent, Application Number: 201510764094.4.

[2] Yan Bing, Zhao Yan, Li Yan-yan, A Kind of Rare Earth Organic/Inorganic Semiconductor Gel Preparation Method Functionalized by Carboxyl-/Thiol-. The Chinese Invention Patent, License Number: 201110104387.1.

Honor and Awards

[1] 2015, "Excellent Paper Award of Science and Technology" by Annual Meeting of China's Chemical Industry.

[2] 2015, Excellent Graduate Student Scholarship of Fudan University.

[3] 2012, The Scholarship Award for Excellent Doctoral Student granted by Ministry of Education, China

[4] 2011, Excellent Graduate Student Scholarship of Tongji University.

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