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Hongping LI
Date:2017-12-10   View:

      Hongping LI Ph.D.
  Tel: +86-18260632375
  Add. : Institute for Energy Research, Jiangsu University
  Resarch Interests:Clean utilization of fossil energy

  Ph.D., 2012, School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Xiamen University, China
  B.S., 2006, School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Jiangsu University, China 

  Research Interests
  Green Chemistry, Clean utilization of fossil energy
  1. Desulfurization of fuels.
  2. Computational chemistry.

  Selected Papers
  [1] Li, Hongping; Chang, Yonghui; Zhu, Wenshuai*; Zhu, Siwen; Jiang, Wei; Zhang, Ming; Zhou, Yuwei; Xia, Jiexiang; Li, Huaming*. The Selectivity for Sulfur Removal from Oils: An Insight from Conceptual Density Functional Theory. AIChE Journal. 2016, 62, 2087-2100. (SCI, IF=2.748)
  [2] Zhu, Wenshuai*; Gao, Xiang; Li, Qian; Li, Hongping; Chao, Yanhong; Li, Meijun; Mahurin, Shannon. M; Li, Huaming; Zhu, Huiyuan*; Dai, Sheng*.Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 2016, 55, 10766-10770. (SCI, IF=11.709)
  [3] Li, Hongping; Chang, Yonghui*; Zhu, Wenshuai; Jiang, Wei; Zhang, Ming; Xia, Jiexiang; Yin, Sheng; Li, Huaming*. A DFT Study of the Extractive Desulfurization Mechanism by [BMIM]+[AlCl4]- Ionic Liquid. Journal of Physical Chemistry, B 2015, 119, 5995-6009. (SCI, IF=3.377)
  [4] Li, Hongping; Chang, Yonghui*; Zhu, Wenshuai; Wang, Changwei; Wang, Chao; Yin, Sheng; Zhang, Ming, Li, Huaming*, Theoretical evidence of charge transfer interaction between SO2 and deep eutectic solvents formed by choline chloride and glycerol. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics. 2015, 17, 28729-28742. (SCI, IF=4.493)
  [5] Li, Hongping; Zhu, Wenshuai*; Chang, Yonghui; Jiang, Wei; Zhang, Ming; Yin, Sheng; Xia, Jiexiang, Li, Huaming*, Theoretical investigation of the interaction between aromatic sulfur compounds and [BMIM]+[FeCl4]- ionic liquid in desulfurization: A novel charge transfer mechanism. Journal of Molecular Graphics & Modelling. 2015, 59, 40-49. (SCI, IF=1.948)
  [6] Li, Hongping; Fu, Gang; Xu, Xin*, A new insight into the initial step in the Fischer-Tropsch synthesis: CO dissociation on Ru surfaces. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics. 2012, 14, 16686-16694. (SCI, IF=4.493)
  [7] Zhu, Wenshuai*; Wang, Chao; Li, Hongping; Wu, Peiwen; Xun, Suhang; Jiang, Wei; Chen, Zhigang; Zhao, Zhen, Li, Huaming*, One-pot extraction combined with metal-free photochemical aerobic oxidative desulfurization in deep eutectic solvent. Green Chemistry. 2015, 17, 2464-2472. (SCI, IF=8.02)
  [8] Yang, Lei; Xiong, Jun; Li, Hongping; Zhang, Ming; Jiang, Wei; Liu, Hui; Zhu, Wenshuai*, Li, Huaming*, Fabrication of dual-mesoporous silica by triblock copolymers and metal-based ionic liquid: efficient and durable catalyst for oxidative desulfurization in fuel. RSC Advances. 2015, 5, 104316-104323. (SCI, IF=3.84)
  [9] Xiong, Jun; Zhu, Wenshuai*; Li, Hongping; Yang, Lei; Chao, Yanhong; Wu, Peiwen; Xun, Suhang; Jiang, Wei; Zhang, Ming, Li, Huaming*, Carbon-doped porous boron nitride: metal-free adsorbents for sulfur removal from fuels. Journal of Material Chemistry, A 2015, 3, 12738-12747. (SCI, IF=7.443)
  [10] Xiong, Jun; Zhu, Wenshuai*; Li, Hongping; Ding, Wenjing; Chao, Yanhong; Wu, Peiwen; Xun, Suhang; Zhang, Ming, Li, Huaming*, Few-layered graphene-like boron nitride induced a remarkable adsorption capacity for dibenzothiophene in fuels. Green Chemistry. 2015, 17, 1647-1656. (SCI, IF=8.02)
  [11] Jiang, Wei; Zhu, Wenshuai*; Li, Hongping; Wang, Xin; Yin, Sheng; Chang, Yonghui, Li, Huaming*, Temperature-responsive ionic liquid extraction and separation of the aromatic sulfur compounds. Fuel. 2015, 140, 590-596. (SCI, IF=3.52)
  [12] Xun, Suhang; Zhu, Wenshuai*; Chang, Yonghui; Li, Hongping; Zhang, Ming; Jiang, Wei; Zheng, Dan; Qin, Yuejiao; Li, Huaming*, Synthesis of supported SiW12O40-based ionic liquid catalyst induced solvent-free oxidative deep-desulfurization of fuels. Chemical Engineering Journal. 2016, 288, 608-617. (SCI, IF=4.321)
  [13] Xun, Suhang; Zhu, Wenshuai*; Zheng, Dan; Li, Hongping; Jiang, Wei; Zhang, Ming; Qin, Yuejiao; Zhao, Zhen; Li, Huaming*, Supported ionic liquid Bmim FeCl4/Am TiO2 as an efficient catalyst for the catalytic oxidative desulfurization of fuels. RSC Advances. 2015, 5, 43528-43536. (SCI, IF=3.84)
  [14] Di, Jun; Xia, Jiexiang*; Ge, Yuping; Li, Hongping; Ji, Haiyan; Xu, Hui; Zhang, Qi; Li, Huaming*, Li, Mengna, Novel visible-light-driven CQDs/Bi2WO6 hybrid materials with enhanced photocatalytic activity toward organic pollutants degradation and mechanism insight. Applied Catalysis. B 2015, 168–169, 51-61. (SCI, IF=7.435)
  [15] Zhu, Wenshuai*; Dai, Bilian; Wu, Peiwen; Chao, Yanhong; Xiong, Jun; Xun, Suhang; Li, Hongping; Li, Huaming*, Graphene-Analogue Hexagonal BN Supported with Tungsten-based Ionic Liquid for Oxidative Desulfurization of Fuels. ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering. 2014, 3, 186-194. (SCI, IF=4.642)

  1. Postdoctoral Science Foundation of Jiangsu Province (No. 1402096C), 2015-2016. Program Director

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