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Kang YANG Ph.D

Tel: (+86)17805014816
Add.: Energy Research Institue, Jiangsu University
Resarch Interests: Small injection amount,split injection diesel spray and combustion,internal combustion engine optical diagnostic
Ph.D.  2018 School of Engineering (Department), Hiroshima University, Japan
M.S.   2015 School of Energy and Power Engineering, Dalian University of Technology, China 
B.S.   2012 School of Energy and Power Engineering, Dalian University of Technology, China

Research Interests
1. Small injection amount diesel spray and combustion
2. Split injection diesel spray and combustion
3. Internal combustion engine optical diagnostic

1. Cross-ministerial strategic innovation promotion program (SIP),Japan.(Key member)
2. School-enterprise cooperation project between Mazda, Japan and the Fluid Engineering Laboratory of Hiroshima University,Japan. (Key member)
3. Mechanism and model of cross-critical/supercritical fuel spray mixing process of internal combustion engine, National Natural Science Foundation of China (No.:51376029). (Key member)  
Selected Papers
1. Kang Yang, Hirotaka Yamakawa, Keiya Nishida, Youichi Ogata and Yusuke Nishioka,Effect of split injection on mixture formation and combustion processes of diesel spray injected into two-dimensional piston cavity, Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers Part D:Journal of Automobile Engineering, 2018,vol.232(8):1121-1136.
2. Kang Yang, Hirotaka Yamakawa, Keiya Nishida, Youichi Ogata,Characteristics of Free Spray Development, Mixture Formation and Combustion under High-Pressure Split Injection, Atomization and Sprays, 2018, vol.28(3): 217-240.
3. Kang Yang, Keiya Nishida, Youichi Ogata, Hirotaka Yamakawa,Characteristics of fuel evaporation, mixture formation and combustion of 2D cavity impinging spray under high-pressure split injection, Fuel, 2018, vol.234:746-756.
4. Kang Yang, Shintaro Yasaki, Keiya Nishida, Yoichi Ogata,Injection Strategy to Enhance Mixture Formation and Combustion of Fuel Spray in Diesel Engine, SAE World Congress Experience, 2018, DOI: 10.4271/2018-01-0241.
5. Keiya Nishida, Takeru Matsuo, Kang Yang, Youichi Ogata, Daisuke Shimo,Spray, Mixture and Combustion Characteristics of Small Injection Amount Fuel Spray Injected by Hole Nozzle for Diesel Engine, SAE/SETC, 2016, DOI: 10.4271/2016-32-0064.
6. Kang Yang, Shintaro Yasaki, Keiya Nishida, Yoichi Ogata, Tracer LAS Measurement of Vapor and Liquid Phase Concentration Distributions in Evaporating Diesel Spray: Effect of Injection Pressure and Ambient Temperature, ILASS-Asia 2017.
7. Shintaro Yasaki, Kang Yang, Keiya Nishida, Yoichi Ogata, Jun Kanzaki, Daisuke Shimo,Tracer-LAS Measurement of Vapor and Liquid Phases in Diesel Spray -Destributions in 2-Dimensional Piston Cavity-, internal combustion engine symposium,2016.
8. Shintaro Yasaki, Kang Yang, Keiya Nishida, Yoichi Ogata, Jun Kanzaki, Daisuke Shimo,Tracer LAS Measurement for Spray Mixture Formation and Evaporation Processes of Multi-Hole Nozzle for Diesel Engine, ILASS-Japan symposium, 2016.
9. Shintaro Yasaki, Tomoya Shiwaku, Kang Yang, Keiya Nishida, Yoichi Ogata, Effect of Temporally-Splitting High-Pressure Injection on Diesel Spray Mixture Formation and Combustion in 2-D Piston Cavity, ILASS-Japan symposium, 2017.1. Z. L. Song, Z. Wei, B. Wang, Z. Luo, S. Xu, W. Zhang, H. Yu, M. Li, Z. Huang, J. Zang, F. Yi, H. Liu*. Sensitive Room-Temperature H2S Gas Sensors Employing SnO2 Quantum Wire/Reduced Graphene Oxide Nanocomposites. Chemistry of Materials, 2016, 28, 1205-1212. (IF: 9.466)
10.Kang Yang, Maozhao Xie.Large eddy simulation of supercritical fuel injection process: the effect of the equation of state.Journal of Thermal Science and Technology, 2015.   
Honor and Awards
Honorary title: Dalian University of Technology, outstanding university graduates (undergraduate), outstanding graduate students, outstanding graduate student cadres
Competition Award: First Prize of Dalian Higher Mathematics Competition in 2009
                   Third Prize of the 2009 Dalian University of Technology Advanced Mathematics Competition
                   Second Prize of Science and Technology Knowledge Competition, School of Energy and Power, Dalian University of Technology, 2009
Scholarship: Science and Technology Innovation Scholarship for the 2008-2009 Academic Year
                Excellent scholarship for the 2009-2010 academic year
                Volkswagen Scholarship for the 2009-2010 academic year
                2010-2011 academic year study excellence scholarship
                Received a CSC Scholarship in 2015 and entered Ph.D.

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