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Advanced and Novel Power System Research
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  Diesel High Pressure Common Rail Spray and Combustion Theory
  Corporate with Institute of Fuel Injection Equipment, Faw Corporation, we firstly devised the self-designed common rail electrical-controlled spray system. Spray at high pressure, spray from small spray pore diameter, cavitation emergence and development in spray pore as well as the dynamic spray at multi-scales make the mechanism of spray and modeling the spray process become the scientific puzzles. We focused on these key theories and technologies very early, and succeeded in the optimization of sprayer structure and the improvement of spray performance. For the substitutable fuel like natural gas, bio-diesel, alcohols, hydrogen fuels and dimethyl ether, we carried some research works on spray and combustion by advanced testing technologies, such as PIV, PDPA and PLIF laser technology.

Sprayer inner structure testing based on the synchrotron X-ray radiation technology

Cavitation flow testing and simulation inside the sprayer

Novel CAV-ELSA spray model and simulation results

Flame profiles of spray combustion inside a transparent engine

Spray testing and combustion flame dignosing based on PLIF technology

  High Accuracy Numerical Simulation on Turbulent Combustion in Gas Turbine
  Large eddy simulation enables a fine description on the turbulence-flame interactions within the combustion room with complex profile, and predicts the discharge of pollutants and unsteady combustion. We have predicted the heat/sound coupled unsteady phenomena in the combustion room, proposed the mechanism of mixed combustion with adding dimethyl ether into the fuel, which created an approach for the large-scale deployment of bio- dimethyl ether.

The combustion room of a gas turbine,the time-averaged temperature field and the velocity vector

  Fuel Cell Technology
  We have carried out the experimental investigations and numerical simulations on DMFC and all-vanadium redox flow battery, and succeeded in improving the performance of DMFC and the energy efficiency of battery.

The effect of different flow fields on cell performance

  Micro power system
  We have investigated the combustion process and working characteristics of the Homogeneous Charge Compression Ignition (HCCI) engine by means of both experiments and numerical modelings. The methods for improving the combustion efficiency and performance have been proposed. We combined the micro catalytic combustion and heat storage theories to study the mechanisms of HCCI combustion, for the development of novel micro power system with better performance.

Testing system for micro HCCI and the combustion processes

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