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Division of Fuel Cell
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  The division of fuel cell is devoted in the research and development of key materials, components and related systems of hydrogen energy and fuel cells. Inspired by national “Hydrogen Energy and Fuel Cell Technology innovation” plan, we focus on the research of low-temperature and high-temperature polyelectrolyte membrane fuel cells, direct alcohol fuel cells and liquid flow batteries, to develop advanced electrode materials and system/component preparation technologies. By combining experimental analysis and model simulation, the complex transmission behaviors within the system are studied, and the mechanism of performance degradation and mitigation strategies are explored, which provides experimental basis and theoretical guidance for its practical application The division strives to build excellent platforms and high-level research teams, to train professionals in the field of hydrogen energy and fuel cells, and making our contributions to the development of hydrogen energy and fuel cells in China.

  Major research directions
  • Low/High Temperatures PEMFC
  • Solid Polymer Electrolyte Water Electrolysis
  • Direct Alcohol Fuel Cell
  • Liquid Flow Battery
  • CO2 electro-reduction by SPE Flow Cell
  • Numerical Simulation Studies

  Experimental platform
  • LT-PEMFC Test Station
  • HT-PEMFC Test Station
  • Electrochemical Workstation
  • Electrochemical Analysis System
  • Liquid Flow Battery Test Station

  In recent years, this division has undertaken four national-level fund projects and more than 10 other projects, published more than 30 high-level SCI academic papers, applied for more than 10 invention patents, and cooperated with relevant enterprises to promote the industrialization of technological achievements.


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