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2023 International Cooperation

  • Memorandum of understanding between Korea University (Korea) and Jiangsu University (P.R.C.)

  • CHINA-HONG KONG International Joint Laboratory on Carbon Neutral Science and Technology


  • 5 Short-term Foreign Experts

2022 International Cooperation

  • Agreement of cooperation between Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg (Germany) and JIANGSU UNIVERSITY (P.R.C.)

  • 7 Short-term Foreign Professors

2021 International Cooperation

  • Cooperative Agreement between UNIVERSITÁ DEGLI STUDI DI PERUGIA (Italy) and JIANGSU UNIVERSITY (P.R.C.)

  • China-South Africa International Joint Laboratory on Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Technology between JIANGSU UNIVERSITY (CHINA) and UNIVERSITY OF WESTERN CAPE (SOUTH AFRICA)

  • Short-term Foreign Professors

International Cooperation before 2019

Institute for energy research has carried out extensive international cooperation and exchanges in recent years. Friendly cooperation relation is established with many foreign institutes, including Karlsruhe university in Germany, City University of London UK, University of Illinois in Chicago USA, Engine Research Institute of University of Wisconsin USA, Valencia Engine Research Institute of Spain, Hiroshima University of Japan, and so on. Members of Institute for energy research have attended numerous international conferences, such as ICLASS, CAV, ILASS-Asia etc.

Prof. He visiting Prof. Maas and his research group in Karlsruhe institute of Technology Germany, 2013.
Prof. Aggarwal from University of Illinois in Chicago supervising post-gratitude students of IER, 2013
Master student Xun Tiemin from IER is studying as a Ph.D. student in Valencia Engine Research Institute of Spain
Prof. He, member of the Advisory Committee for Cavitation research of City University of London, attending symposium held in London, 2013
Prof. Nishida from Hiroshima University of Japan visiting Jiangsu University
Prof. He visiting Prof. Reitz in Engine Research Institute of University of Wisconsin USA, 2012
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