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Prof. Bernard Bladergroen学术报告会
发布时间:2019-05-24 | 浏览次数:

题目:Overview of Activities at South African Institute for Advanced Materials Chemistry (SAIAMC): Fuel cell, Metal Hydride Applications and Energy Storage
主讲:Prof. Bernard Bladergroen
主讲简介:Bernard Bladergroen,南非西开普大学教授,南非先进材料化学研究所(SAIAMC)副所长。早年在荷兰特温特大学(University of Twente)学习,1998年进入南非西开普大学 (University of the Western Cape)攻读博士学位,博士毕业后在西开普大学工作至今。2005年被任命为SAIAMC工业合同研究项目主管,2007任南非先进材料化学研究所(SAIAMC)副所长。Bladergroen教授目前为SAIAMC储能创新实验室(Energy Storage Innovation Lab,ESIL)主管,负责电化学能源转化与储存系统的开发,如氢的生产与储存,燃料电池,锂离子电池,NaFeCl2和NiFe电池,并与当地企业开展广泛的合作。Bladergroen教授同时兼任国际氢能协会(IAHE)青年部副主席,主持南非科技部(DST)和南非研究基金会(NRF)项目10余项,迄今总共发表研究论文60多篇,专利10余项,引用达1200余次。
主讲内容: SAIAMC is one of the most active R&D institutes in the South Africa. The large platinum group metal resources in South Africa have led to significant investment of the government into research related to the Hydrogen Economy (HySA).  SAIAMC is hosting one of the competence centers of the HySA programme and is responsible for Systems Integration & Technology Validation. An overview of achievements will be provided from MEA manufacturing system to FC forklift and H2 refilling station. SAIAMC is also hosting the Energy Storage and Fluid Treatment centre (ESFTC) which consists of two units, the Energy Storage Innovation Laboratory that focuses on battery development and the Effluent Treatment unit focusing on membrane module development and capacitive deionization.

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