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Organization Structure

  The Institute for Energy Research of Jiangsu University ( IERJU) was founded in May, 2014. The IERJU shares resources of some priority disciplinary platform in fields of energy research of Jiangsu University and aims at building a high-level, distinctive and international scientific research platform for energy research and an important base for cultivating innovative talents.

The IERJU integrated part of research manpower from school of energy and power engineering , school of chemistry and chemical engineering, school of material science and engineering, school of environment and school of automobile engineering and there are three doctoral program of primary discipline—Power Engineering and Engineering Thermophysics, Material Science and Engineering, Environment Science and Engineering. Especially the discipline of " Power Engineering and Engineering Thermophysics" is the priority academic program of Jiangsu province and has been ranked 12nd in the newest Disciplinary Assessment of Chinese Ministry of Education in 2012. In IERJU, fundamental theoretical research is all-important and actively developing university-industry cooperation to promote the industrialization of research achievements is the main direction and the interdisciplinary research has been put focus on. IERJU aims at growing up to an important scientific research base and enjoying a significant impact in the field of energy research for having the ability of resolving key technique problems related with material, chemistry, environment in the field of energy and the ability to undertake the national key scientific research project with the scientific research team composed of research leading talent and outstanding young and middle-aged academic backbones.

At present IERJU has five divisions including division of solar energy, division of advanced power system, division of chemical energy, division of energy saving technology and laboratory. The main R&D areas of IERJU are:
  · Solar energy conversion technology
  · Solar materials and cells
  · Solar energy systems
  · Advanced internal combustion engine technology
  · Fuel Cell
  · Micro power system
  · Clean chemical energy
  · Batteries and Supercapacitor
  · High-efficiency energy-saving technology
  · Advanced thermoelectric material

In recent years, IERJU has undertaken more than 60 national projects, won more than 10 national, province-level and ministry-level sci-tech awards, published 8 academic books and over 600 high-level papers indexed by SCI and been granted 70 national patents.

IERJU has been growing up to a multi-disciplinary team of about 70 full-time members and collaborates closely with researchers from Jiangsu University and other universities, research organizations and industry, both locally and globally. We warmly welcome Ph.D and scientists from home and abroad to join us to start the scientific exploration.

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